How do i identify deal fields added by user into deal?


when i fetching the deal fields , i get the slandered fields and the fields add by the customer into field but there is no significant identifier available in api that these fields added by customer , so my question is that is there any way to get the status of fields in order to sort them these are the customer added fields? @dani


I think I don’t understand the question.
Can you give me maybe a practical example of the two fields you’re trying to differentiate?


yes i am sending screen print then explain


where i marked the red these are slandered deal fields right ?

where i marked the yellow these are custom deal fields added by the user right?

api response for slandered deal field is (
“id”: 12451,
“key”: “title”,
“name”: “Title”,
“order_nr”: 1,
“picklist_data”: null,
“field_type”: “varchar”,
“add_time”: “2018-10-23 22:31:43”,
“update_time”: “2018-10-23 22:31:40”,
“active_flag”: true,
“edit_flag”: false,
“index_visible_flag”: true,
“details_visible_flag”: false,
“add_visible_flag”: false,
“important_flag”: false,
“bulk_edit_allowed”: true,
“searchable_flag”: false,
“filtering_allowed”: true,
“sortable_flag”: true,
“use_field”: “id”,
“link”: “/deal/”,
“mandatory_flag”: true

api response for custom deal field (
“id”: 12481,
“key”: “fd380a5f10ecad4f5cfd6dcf1556cb6d8d9d563f”,
“name”: “test1”,
“order_nr”: 31,
“picklist_data”: null,
“field_type”: “double”,
“add_time”: “2019-04-10 11:18:07”,
“update_time”: “2019-04-10 11:18:07”,
“active_flag”: true,
“edit_flag”: true,
“index_visible_flag”: true,
“details_visible_flag”: true,
“add_visible_flag”: false,
“important_flag”: true,
“bulk_edit_allowed”: true,
“searchable_flag”: true,
“filtering_allowed”: true,
“sortable_flag”: true,
“mandatory_flag”: false
there is no column available that say this field is added by the user into deal ? @dani


What’s the end goal you’re trying to achieve by differentiating them?


just want sort the custom fields and slandered fields to show user that these fields are added by you into deal. @dani


Standard fields have a string as key, like
“key”: “title”
and custom fields have an id like
“key”: “fd380a5f10ecad4f5cfd6dcf1556cb6d8d9d563f”

but you can’t directly tell if a custom field was added by the user through the user interface or via API.

I hope that helps.

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