How do I select an OrganizationField for a specific Organization

I can find no way of passing the ID of an Organization to an OrganizationField in order to get the field details.

Hi @mkinross,

You need to the Organization ID in GET/organizations/{id} to get the details of a specific Field within that Deal.

Dear David,

Thank you for this. Unfortunately, the information I want is in OrganizationsFields, not Organizations. If i were to write an SQL query, it would look something like:

SELECT ‘some value’ FROM OrganizationField WHERE OrganizationFieldParentID = OrganizationID

I can’t see how to map one across to the other. I can see the information I want - it is in OrganizationField id = 4016.

Hi @mkinross,

Missed your reply earlier, but do you mean that you’re trying to move data from one OrganizationField to another?

No, I’m trying to read data from the OrganizationFields for a specific Organization.

In your api documentation, we can get a specific organizationfield:!/OrganizationFields/get_organizationFields_id.
But this only gives me the information structure.

And I can get a specific organization:!/Organizations/get_organizations_find
Which gives me the ‘top level’ information.

But I need specific organizationfield details for a specific organization.

I have tried guessing the url. To get the specific organization, I can use the url:

This works, and returns the information for the organization. But I want information from a specific organizationfield. So I tried:

Not surprisingly, this only returns an error message.

If I login to Pipedrive, I can get this information manually by searching for ‘organization’ - ‘label’ - ‘customer’, which returns a list of customers.

But I’m trying to get this customer list using the api.

Any ideas? Perhaps it’s not possible.



If you’re using you should be receiving all of the information regarding the OrganizationField data for the Organization.

Is there a specific field that isn’t showing data for you?

Thanks for your reply, I think we’re getting somewhere now.

Now I know that the organizationfields appear in the organization results, I have had another look.

The field I have been looking for indicates whether or not the lead is a customer, so I have been looking in the organization json response for ‘customer’.

Further study of organizationfields reveals that the customer is set in the ‘label’ field, the value of which determines whether the lead is a customer or a hot or cold lead.

So, the value I have been searching for is enigmatically labelled “label”: 9.

Thanks for your help, I can now proceed with my api integration.

Best wishes,


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