How to add/update phone number to a User?

API endpoint is not available for this.

Hi Timo,

I’m not quite sure what you mean here. We don’t store a User’s phone number anywhere in Pipedrive. You can only add/update a phone number within Person, Organization, or Deal.

Thanks David!
There is field which name is phone in the User dataset. So you cannot update that?
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Hey Timo,

Yeah, that’s true, I forgot about that Field in the User dataset. Essentially, it only exists as a legacy element. I think we had plans to possibly include User phone numbers at one point, but it was never completed. This field should show as null for all Users currently.

Thanks David,
We were planning to use User contact data bc User is linked automatically to Deal/Product etc as the Owner. We probably should create Person for each User and use Participating or Following links to Persons to find contacts for our Deals and Products.
The other possibility could be that Pipedrive’s Data Model would make possible to link User and Person.
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Unfortunately, I think that creating a Person for the User and using Participating may be your only option (which of course will be annoying because of the extra work).

I did also investigate and find that we do use the phone number Field for User data, but it’s not something that can be added/updated via API as the information is only allowed via another source.