How to API leads directly into pipedrive

Hello, I just partnered with a media platform to send me leads. They asked me to reach out to your tech support team on how to API leads directly into our pipedrive. Can you please advise on next steps for this?

Hey there, the Pipedrive API documentation is quite good, you will likely want to POST the lead information to the “Add a Person” endpoint - here!/Persons/post_persons

Before adding the lead to Pipedrive as a new person record you may wish to first search Pipedrive to ensure you don’t already have that person as a contact (see the “Find Persons” endpoint).

You may also wish to create a new Pipedrive deal and link it to the person in order to ensure a sales rep attends to the lead.

How will the media platform make the lead available to you? (e.g. will they send an email to you, POST the details to a webhook you set up, or possibly they will add a native Pipedrive integration into their application).

Some 3rd party vendors offer products to connect data from different systems together and can handle the email parsing/webhook listen & reformat to send to Pipedrive with custom logic. Feel free to direct message me if that is of interest. Good luck!

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Hi @dcinfo!
I’m happy to announce that Leads API now available.
You can find more information about the endpoints in our Changelog announcement.

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