How to Automate a Stage Change on Day of Activity

I’m looking to automate a text to be sent to a contact, on the morning of their meeting. So in Pipedrive, we have the current workflow:

Custom Pipeline

  • Stage 1 - Deal is added from website form. The contact is sent a link to schedule an appointment (day & time), which is passed into Pipedrive along with the deal info.
  • Stage 2 - Meeting is now Scheduled
  • Stage 3 - Meeting is Today
  • Stage 4 - Meeting happened and either Sold or Lost

Right now, this is a manual process for sales team to move people through the pipeline. I’d like to automate a few things, but the FIRST and MOST important is to automate the move from Stage 2 → 3.

Is there a way to automate the moving of a deal from one stage to another, based on the day of their appointment?

For example, if “today” is January 1st and a Deal is created, and they choose a meeting for January 5th, is there a way to automate the move of this deal to “Stage 3” on the morning of January 5th?

Or even better, can we move the deal to Stage 3 one hour before the meeting and trigger a text message or email reminder?

Having difficulty finding time-based automations and thought I’d ask here in case someone can help me shortcut this. Thank you for any direction / help you can provide!

Hello @Jeremy, welcome to the community!

What you can do today via Pipedrive automation is to use the Delay step (e.g in 3 days) and then Deal action to update Deal fields - Pipeline stage, choosing to which stage deal should go then.


Another take would be to use a service like Zapier or Make for other automation options, or even use the webhooks with your own integration. :slight_smile:

Hi @Edmilson_Souza - appreciate the feedback.

However, the Delay approach doesn’t seem like an option because the “delay” will never be a fixed timeframe. Can you set the “delay” to a date field? For example, if a user has an appointment on Friday at 8am, can you “delay” the action until “Friday at 8am” (the appointment date set on the contact / deal?

Also, I happen to see this under the “Automations → What’s New” section of my Pipedrive account:


Which makes me think that this isn’t currently available, what I’m asking. At least without the help of another custom integration, whether Zapier or a Webhook?

The trigger automations based on date fields is coming soon, as described in the card above. I can’t give a specific date of when it will be available, but surely, this feature it will be more useful for the workflow you described.

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