How to build / initiate SIP calls ? (click to call feature)

I need help creating an API to make SIP calls inside Pipe. For example Click2call

Hi @Juan_Constantino
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Can you share more details? Are you trying to build an app similar to the ones here Pipedrive Marketplace - Third Party Apps & Integrations ?

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Hi @Hem thanks for replying!

That’s right, I would like to create an application on the marketplace where the person registers on my platform that generates a url that they will use to make click2call type calls within Pipedrive. It is possible? Can you help me?

Hey @Juan_Constantino

Most of the click-to-call apps can be built with a combination of Chrome Extension + the platform. I see that you already have the platform?

The Chrome extension can be used to detect phone numbers on a page. Usually, they follow a URI scheme such as callto: / sip: / tel:. Through the Chrome extension, you can attach an event handler or a popup for opening such URIs in your platform UI. This could be a dialer UI that is part of the Chrome extension which opens within the same tab (the usual approach) / a redirect to your platform with the phone number as a parameter.

If your platform is integrated with Pipedrive as an app, it makes a lot of things easier. The user would have already been authenticated and you can perhaps perform REST API calls on behalf of the user to add transcript / create activities :slight_smile:

You also have a facility to integrate video calling apps directly via Video calling app extension

Let me know if it helps

Hey @Hem,

Very good your idea, that would be it… I just need help now to finish the APP at Pipe to be able to capture customer data and create an account or authenticate the customer within my platform.

I can authenticate but I’m not able to capture the client’s data… can you help me!

I work with PHP.

We have a sample app to get started @Juan_Constantino, check this out GitHub - pipedrive/FiftyFifty: Example app for Pipedrive Marketplace :slight_smile: This is however in Node.js

I understood,

But don’t you have a more practical example in php?

Another question, a customer has several extensions, one extension for each employee and each employee has access to the pipe when I create the authentication url will each employee be able to use their extension within the correct pipe?

@Hem, how are you out there?

It clears me up a doubt… I managed to create an app on the marketplace, I can make calls on click2call but so that I can return the data as an activity, for example, I need that when I make the click2call call, the pipe system somehow sends me the idDeals, this is possible… did you understand me?

Hey @Juan_Constantino
I see that you have made some progress :slight_smile:

Can you clarify what you intend to achieve? Are you looking for a way to create activity after the call? :thinking:

Hey @Hem,

That’s right, I need to send the call information to Pipedrive.

Another question, when a user uninstalls the app, there’s no way to send it to me through the webhooks?

Hey @Juan_Constantino
You can get that information via Handling user app uninstallation but not via webhooks

After a successful app uninstall by a User, the OAuth server will send a DELETE request in JSON format to a “Callback URL” (a value specified in the Marketplace Manager for the app)