How to create a Lead with one or more deals connected to it?

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I was looking in to the documentation about “lead creation” however it doesn’t say anything in particular about creating or connecting deals to a specific lead. Is this even possible? If so what is the flow of doing this.

A this point we are creating a contact if he/she doesn’t exists if he/she exists then we use the current contact id and then create a new deal in pipedrive.

What the our customer now wants is that it creates a lead instead of a deal. Is the lead creation with the deal connected just calling the end point for creating a new lead with the contact id added to the post data? Or is there more to it which I don’t know of ?

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You cannot associate deals with leads. However, contacts can be associated with the deals and can also be obtained via specific endpoints. Could you please elaborate on why leads have to be connected to deals? I am trying to understand the use-case beneath :slight_smile:

Hi Hem thank you for reaching out.

So the current use case is we directly create a deal when somebody has finish a configuration on our customers websites.

However this should not be the case I understood from our customer. The finished configurations from the websites should be processed by pipedrive and stored as a lead instead of a deal. At this point I have understood that the procedure is exactly the same as storing a deal in pipedrive. The only difference is that we need to call a different end point (the create lead end point) for storing the data as a lead instead of a deal.

Can you confirm that this is correct ?

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Hi @iason
Thanks for being patient. This is the right understanding :slight_smile: