How to determine if a Person Field Is writeable?

We’re currently working with the /personFields end point


And this returns a list of fields that are attached a person. Is there a way to determine, via the API, if I can update them?

For example, lost_deals_count, is (I assume), a read-only field. Is there any way to determine from the payload that I can’t write to this field? In other APIs, there is generally a ‘read-only’ or ‘updateable via API’ flag, but I don’t see this in Pipedrive.

Alternatively, is there a list of fields that can (or cannot be) updated via the API?


Hey Colin,

Welcome to the community!

Your request is a completely valid one and something our team has talked about in the past, but I guess it never came to fruition. I’m talking with the team again, and we’ll see if we can tag fields accordingly if they can’t be updated via API (read_only).

Hi David, cheers. Appreciate the reply.

This leads me to the next question, is there any list of fields that are updatable via the API? I’m afraid we will programmatically create an update and if a field that isn’t writable is included, it will error.

Or, does Pipedrive gracefully ignore them? For example, if we sent a payload to update a person includiung a name and lost_deals_count, would the name be updated and the deals count ignored?

Hey Colin,

Thanks for your patience. We don’t have a list of update-able fields (although if we did that would make it easy to have read-only ones), but for your second question, yes Pipedrive will ignore the fields that can’t updated on requests.