How to do Deep Linking?

Hi there,

I need to SMS salespeople a Deal URL.

Is it possible to get mobile deep links working? So the user clicks on the link and they get an option to open in the Pipedrive mobile App?


Hi Dan,

Deep links work for both mobile platforms, but the url has to be in the format


If its shortened with some service, then unfortunately our application can’t catch the link due to OS limitations.

Deep link also works with persons, organizations and activities.

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I’m on iPhone7 and it goes to the web app (not iPhone app) when I click on this deal:

What iOS version / App version are you running? I understand you are trying to open the link from SMS?

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m on iOS 12.4.1

I’m clicking the link off a webpage (no an SMS). This is the link:

Thanks for helping me out with this.