How to enable OAuth 2.0 for my private workflow automation

I write a private workflow (using n8n / Zapier) to automate my own Pipedrive account. For authorization I want to use OAuth 2.0, as it allows me to define limited access scopes. I don’t want to use my full access API token for that (as it’s too powerful).

For testing purposes I already use OAuth 2.0 in my Pipedrive sandbox via the Marketplace manager with an app which I didn’t publish.

This feels like a workaround for me. What’s the correct way to enable OAuth 2.0 on my Pipedrive production account? (I also don’t have a Marketplace manager in my production account)

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Hi @Friend
I like the approach, and you are right about using OAuth.
This can be enabled from our side. I’ve reached out via DM for the account details.

Thanks for your quick response @Hem. I replied to your DM.

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