How to get all Contacts from PipeDrive to SharePoint?

I want to integrate SharePoint with PipeDrive. My primary goal is to synchronize every contacts of PipeDrive to SharePoint Contact List. By default there is no facility to integrate the PipeDrive Contacts.

Also I am not getting any API that would do such task for me. Using Microsoft SharePoint Flow, I can synchronize PipeDrive Deals and PipeDrive Activities to SharePoint.

I would like to know how can i synchronize the SharePoint and PipeDrive?

Hey there,

I’m not really seeing anything on SharePoint’s side so I’m not sure if they really allow this type of synchronization, but from Pipedrive’s side you use the GET for Persons (!/Persons/get_persons)
and then I would just recommend using a Webhook to keep it updated

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Thanks @David. I too found the same as you mentioned in the answer, Thanks for the response.