How to get OrganizationRelationships with a webhook?

I am trying to integrate Pipedrive into our ERP solution. At the moment I have been successful at updating Organizations into our system with webhooks. However, I need to recreate the Organization hierarchy as well, but I am not getting any information about related Organizations from webhooks (tried * . *).

I know I can use the /organizationRelationships API to get the relations, but I get no webhook notification when the relations change. Do I really have to poll for the relations data???

This is really awful. I have to tell my users that every field is updated from Pipedrive instantly, EXCEPT for relationships. They are updated once per day. If they need instant updates, users must make a dummy change to any other field, like Name, then change it back. Yes, this works but sounds awfully complicated to a regular user.

PLEASE let me know you are planning some kind of update to this? I would be happy with just a dummy updated.organization webhook with no changes at all, I could then fetch the organizationRelationships with the API.

Hey @mnoromaa,

Sorry for the delay on this, I was just investigating it further. So, as you said, organizationRelations don’t trigger webhooks at this point, but after looking this over further, I believe we should be able to add this to webhook triggers. I’m checking now for how much time this would take to complete and will update you as soon as I can.

Hello, David!
Do you have any updates about organization relationships webhooks? It will be perfect if we can also see changed relationships in a list updates about an organization (/organizations/{id}/flow).

Hi Aleksandra,

I added a new task for it so I should be able to get an official update soon.