How to get query log to API from my token

Hi guys.
I have several own services that work with pipedrive API.
All of them work with my token.
I wonder, is it possible to get the query log for certain date ?

Checking with some others, but I can’t think of any way to get a query log for this.
Is there a specific reason you’re looking for this? Maybe I can come up with some other ideas.

I’ve got several internal services that work with the pipedrive API from the same account (token). They collect and save data nightly once a day to reduce the number of requests.

Recently I found that data in some services just stopped refreshing. There is a suspicion that this could be due to the requests limit on the Silver Plan as mentioned here

I would like to see your query logs to understand what went wrong.

Hey Ruslan,

We don’t have specific query logs for you to check yourself - but could you send the details to me ( I can see if there’s any error logs for it.
Just let me know which account and approximately when.