How to have a deal summary not based on the main value but a custom field value?

My partners created a custom field that represents a transferred amount on the customer.
I want to have a summary of those deals for a particular person and potentially since one date… the summary based on that custom field and not the classic value.
Actually I use a call to update a custom filter that filters the person and the mail and then the endpoint “deals/summary” but if it is not based on the custom field “Montant de rémunération”. So I have not the expected results.
How can I do that?
Am I forced to do the loop on my side?

Hi @lionel
Thanks for being patient :slight_smile: As you rightly figured out, deal summaries do not take custom fields into account. You’d have to build that logic yourself.

I marked this as a solution even if I was hoping a “real” solution. Is this kind of feature planned or not at all?