How to integrate web forms with new leads?


I would like to create new business leads from my own website forms.

All contact forms I have in the website are very simple. They have just 3 boxes. (Name, Email and Message).

How I could integrate these contact forms in order to receive these 3 pieces of content in a new lead?

I am new creating API, so I would appreciate your help step by step.



Have you received any responses at all?

Not, I didn´t receive any answer.

hi Alberto,
with the data coming from the form you can create a new person and then create a deal associated to the person.

The message could be a note linked to the person or the deal.

To send this data, you need to first get it from the form. For this part, you should look for some tutorial or guide on how to create web forms using your specific environment, language, or framework.

Does that help?

Hello Dani

Thanks for your information, sorry for delay. I will check your information.


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