How to reactivate ActivityType via API


I have to say - working with your custom activity types is a bit of pain :frowning: First of all, you can add many activities with the same name and icon. On frontend - they are indistinguishable, on backend - they have different key_string values, but if someone doesn’t use API, they may not spot the difference.

I might understand why you don’t allow activity type deletion and instead, Pipedrive hides those types. But why there’s no method to make them active again?

My case scenario problem. My app, that integrates with Pipedrive, creates a new custom activity type through API. Let’s name it ‘MyAppActivity’. Whenever something happens in my app, there’s a MyAppActivity attached to a certain person in Pipedrive. Now, someone deactivates MyAppActivity. I cannot reactivate it through API, because there’s no method to do that. I could create another custom MyAppActivity, but this will be a completely different thing. Eg. in reports this “new” MyAppActivity and “old” MyAppActivity will be treated separately. Which is not very useful, because they are representing the same event type in my app.

There’s an ‘Edit activity type’ method, but it doesn’t change active_flag.

Any solutions or workarounds to there problems?

Hi @majk,

I’m looking into why the API doesn’t allow for a PUT "active_flag": true, in regard to Activity_Type

Hello @David,

Any luck with this?

Hey @majk,

Looked into it and it does seem it’s a bit of a lack in logic, but unfortunately I don’t have an ETA for when it may be changed.