How to set label in Deal

Hi everyone, I would like to know how I set specific label to specific deal using Pipedrive Apiv1.
I researched the API documentation but without success!

In API Reference I can’t find a specific method to do this.

What I need to do is, set tag(label) for a deal, in Pipedrive UI is something like this:


Clinica Bem Estar --> is a Deal
Escolher Etiqueta --> is a option groups of labels

What I won’t:
Set to Clinica Bem Estar a label Plataforma

Hi @Devteam_Snake

To assign a label to a deal you need to call a Deal update request!/Deals/put_deals_id with label in the body

More about working with labels here

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@mykhailo with raw doesn’t work, maybe a syntax, but with x-www works fine.
Anyway im really appreciate your help.


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