How to share JSON panels with other users?

GET request from JSON panel has parameter “isShared”, so how to how to share JSON panels (created in section App extensions) with other users (who have not installed the application)?

Hi @Alex,

Company-wide visibility of JSON panels is in a testing phase and is available for your app by request. To have the expanded visibility of app extensions enabled for your app, please contact You can find out more about app extensions’ visibility here.

I hope this helps? Please let me know if you have further questions. :blush:

Thank you for fast replay.

Perhaps you know how to create an application in several languages? I see only english in Marketplace Manager

Hi @Alex,

For Marketplace Manager itself, we only have it in English.

Can I please find out from you: when do you mean by “create an application in several languages”? :blush:
For example, do you mean you want to create an app in a different language or you would like to have Marketplace Manager in a different language or both?

Hi Nicole_Tan,
How to specify labels (in JSON panel) in different languages?
I can upload JSON schema only in 1 language:

Hi @Alex,

Thank you for sharing the example. At the moment, our app creation process is only available in English.

That said, you should be able to set the label’s value in a different language, e.g. "label": "sinine" (‘sinine’ means the color blue in Estonian). The label field itself, though, has to be in English.

I hope this helps? Please let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you for very fast replay.
One user of my application can use English, and another Russian. How to be?

Hi Nicole_Tan,
Do you have solution?

Hi @Alex,

When you say one user of your application uses English and another uses Russian, do you mean that they are using the Pipedrive web app? Can you share an example with screenshots so I can check on this, please?

Hi Nicole_Tan,

Hi @Alex,

The reason for this is that the Pipedrive web app is available in 22 different languages including English and Russian. You can find out more here.

However, Marketplace Manager and the Pipedrive Marketplace are only available in English right now, so all apps are in English.

As such, if you would like to create an app in several languages, you would have to use workarounds. Some possibilities include:

  • Having multiple JSON panels, each one in a different language
  • Hard-code the names of the fields in your JSON panel, for example, Price-Цена-Hind

Thanks for the solution

Hi Nicole_Tan,
If I create 2 JSON panels (EN and RU) - can I hide one via API?

Hi @Alex,

No, you can’t hide the panel yourself. It can only be done by the user. I have also sent you a private message with regards to your app.