How to update a CUSTOM FIELD in pipedrive through the use of a WEBFORM

Hi pipedrive community!

Would be awesome if someone here could help me with this:

I need a functionality to update a custom field in pipedrive through the use of a webform.

Following situation:
I created a custom field, which has 3 statuses:

I want to create a webform, which an external user can submit to update the data saved in this field.
I send an email to a contact. The email includes a link to a webform. From the webform the user may chose

User submits the form, and data in pipedrive is amended accordingly.

Are there any options, such as Zapier or a marketplace integration?

Any advice appreciated.

Yes you can easily do that with a webhook in Make!

Which form are you using to send/collect the information?

Hi Alex,
thank you! I would be very keen to learn how it is don through Make and a webhook!

I would try to integrate a form on a Wordpress-website. Currently using Divi and Formidable Forms.
But installing another another form tool would work, if that makes the process easier.

We can organise a quick call if you are keen.

I’m away until end of next week, so sorry for not replying before, but we can organise something if that’s ok for you?!

Can you send me some of your availability please?
Or email me on:

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