How to use Custom Floating Window Extension

i am developing an app for inbound outbound calling so, i decide to use custom floating window i found sdk and some examples. but my question is how to implement it. because i have an app already for getting access tokens. can anybody guide me how to build


We have an example tutorial on how to build calling apps with Custom Floating Windows: Building a Pipedrive CTI app with Twilio

Please check it out and let me know if you have follow-up questions.

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i want to show a custom iframe of softphone in custom floating window. i see examples they build an other custom app which generate iframe url with sdk. i need a flow how to achieve it?
i need to implement an html page and beckend for intialize sdk.
i dont understand how the intilization work how iframe will load.

To implement a custom floating window and show your custom UI inside Pipedrive you need to build and register an app. Checkout tutorials how to do it, for example Build your first Pipedrive App 🚀 or Building a Pipedrive CTI app with Twilio

Once Pipedrive user installs the app with custom floating window, it will be loaded and available in the top bar (apps dock).

i already created pipedrive app and successfully install in pipedrive also get access token. now i need to add custom floating window extension in my pipedrive app. but i am unable to find any way or docs to implement it. mean i don’t know how to show iframe.
is iframe generate from my custom oauth (nodejs app)?
plz guide me i needd help.

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is iframe generate from my custom oauth (nodejs app)?


When you add Custom Floating Window in Developer Hub to your app, it is required to specify the Iframe URL. This page should implement AppExtensionsSDK and after a user installs an app, the content of this page will be rendered as an iframe in the Pipedrive UI.

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide Building a Pipedrive CTI app with Twilio. Feel free to try it out, this will guide you with real examples.