How we can start integrating send sms and call service from Reliable PBX App

we want to integrate sms and calling functionality through our Reliable PBX app from PipeDrive

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Can you share further details?

This wiki might also be useful to you

Thanks @Hem ,
Actually my app also provide Phone Solutions. so if any end-user installs my app from market place, then he will be able to send sms or call to any of his deals or contacts through my app.

So I am looking for a way to integrate my application in such a way that any user installs it, then there will be option available for them to send sms or call through my app.

Just like the other apps available in the market place like JustCall, Aircall, Text Request, etc…

Please advise on this. Appreciated any Help !

Hey @Kumar_B
Got it. Actually you can configure the call-to syntax in product to a certain extent

If you like full-blown customizability, I would recommend following the Wiki

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