How would I build my own version of the Dealbot Slackbot for deal updates?

I love how the Slackbot tells me when a deal I follow moves stages, closes, changes value, etc. It also formats things in a good way, e.g., striking through the old value and then putting the new value next to it.

How would I build something like this for myself? For example for a dashboard? Also I’d like to do it for all deals versus only the deals I follow.

Basically I’d like to use the API to get deal updates and then format them in a nice way.

Is the Slackbot open source by any chance?

Also I do not want to use Webhooks because I’m worried about them failing. I’d prefer to use the “pull based” API so I can make sure I don’t lose data.

Thanks for the help!


You can create all kinds of integrations :slight_smile: If you want to create one for Slack, you’ll have to take a look at their API, as well.

If you are referring to Dealbot, it’s not open-source, but we have a lot of material to help you get started building something similar. Did you already take a look at our documentation and API reference?

About webhooks, I would definitely recommend you to use them. They save a lot requests and unnecessary work. Also, there’s a retry logic, so as long as you’re on a reliable environment, you should be fine :slight_smile:


The other issue with Webhooks is that I want the ability to rebuild all my data from scratch if I miss something.

Right now I’m using the /deals/:id/flow endpoing with these query parameters: {strict_mode: true, items: :change, all_changes: 1}

Will this get me the data I need to catch all updates?


If you need the whole history of the deal and not just the most recent data, yes. That’s the endpoint :+1: