HTTP Response Not OK - Laravel app sometimes throws this error

hey guys,

I am sometimes getting an error from the Pipedrive API that isn’t very clear.

HTTP Response Not OK {“userId”:“USER_ID”,“exception”:"[object] (Pipedrive\APIException(code: 500): HTTP Response Not OK at /home/…/…/vendor/pipedrive/pipedrive/src/Controllers/BaseController.php:66)

Looking at the stack trace, I can see that this happens whenever certain users try to search for Companies, Contacts, or Deals (perhaps more…).

I can see that the client has an access_token that did not expire at the time of when the error was thrown.

Having tested this on staging and production, on a different account, I can’t seem to replicate the error. So, it seems quite specific to a certain few clients.

Is it possible that these clients would need to update certain privacy / security settings within their Pipedrive account? Or is there anything else that it could be?

For the Pipedrive devs out there, could you please update this error so that it’s clearer as to what the problem is?


Note, I’m using the following:
Laravel v9.24
Pipedrive/Pipedrive v4.0.3
PHP v8.1

Update, I have finally been able to replicate the issue. It seems that if I go into my Pipedrive account, go to the Marketplace apps, find my app, click the three dots and click “Uninstall”, then try to use the Pipedrive API in my application it throws this same error.

To whomever works at Pipedrive:

  • Can you please make this error more explicit? I would very much appreciate that!


Hi, @brad and welcome to the community! :wave:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We’ll be looking more closely into it.


Thanks Helena :slight_smile: I appreciate it