I am not able to add participants to an activity. The error message is not clear

I am trying to add a participant to the activity using NodeJS PD Client.
Sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t. It’s random issue.

Can anyone tell me how to get detailed error response? Right now I am getting only this
PipeDrive API Issue: {“errorMessage”:“HTTP Response Not OK”,“errorCode”:500,“errorResponse”:"{\“success\”:false,\“error\”:\“Something went wrong with the request, please check your request and try again!\”,\“error_info\”:\“Please check developers.pipedrive.com for more information about Pipedrive API.\”,\“data\”:null,\“additional_data\”:null}"}

Is there any chance I can get exact error?


Below is the code

try {
let activityPd = await lib.ActivitiesController.getDetailsOfAnActivity(body.meetingId,()=>{});
body.participants.forEach(element => {

console.log('after adding participant');
    id: activityPd.data.id,
    participants: activityPd.data.participants

await lib.ActivitiesController.updateEditAnActivity({
    id: activityPd.data.id,
    participants: activityPd.data.participants

catch(e) {
Pino.error('PipeDrive API Issue: ', e);
throw new Error(‘PipeDrive API Issue:’, e);

I am getting participants from event and pushing in itno PD participants array and then calling the editActivity method.

Please help me.

Apologies for the inconvinience caused. Can you share the details as requested in the link below?

The issue will be forwarded to the concerned team. Thanks again.