I have integrated the pipe drive with my site and this url for for authenticate user(https://api.pipedrive.com/v1/authorizations?api_token) is it ok?

is this correct way to do authentication or there is any other way do it cause on documentations area it is written that this method is depreciated…i need help regarding this

As you mentioned, that endpoint is deprecated.

You can authorize using OAuth or an API token. Please read here for more information.

i need to authenticate the user email and password after that i wanna get that organization api_token to get deals of that company into my website for this purpose which endpoint api method is valid for that ? @dani

I’m afraid that’s not how it works.
It sounds like you need to implement the OAuth flow.

In the end, a user will not type their Pipedrive email and password on your app. They will install your app and you will receive an access_token that you can use to access their data.

You can take a look at the page I linked in my previous post, and this one: https://pipedrive.readme.io/docs/marketplace-creating-a-proper-app

There are the two scenarios one is that connect pipe drive to my site and second is that connect my site to pipe drive so one scenario is completed now how to complete second one? are you getting me @dani

The authorization methods we offer are agnostic of the context in which you use them.
You could use API token for some applications and OAuth for others.

have you got what i was trying to explain you? i have created the app to connect through pipe drive which is clear and working
Now stuck in the scenario that one user is using my site and want to see his deals through my site where he give his email and password to allow us to get his api credentials and get his deals on behalf his given organization info. Is there any possibility to achieve this type of user requirements? @dani


OAuth allows you to access deals and other information from an account (that allows you to by authorizing permission scopes) so that you don’t need to use email and password as that is very un-secure process.

Please look over this article to better understand the process.

Oh i see, got you @David i was reading the old documentations and when i saw this article could not get this but when you recommend me now i saw it line by line now understood thanks for that man!