I revoke refresh_token, but the application does not disappear from the list of installed applications

Hello, @mykhailo

I revoke refresh_token using given documentation https://pipedrive.readme.io/docs/app-uninstallation#section-token-revocation.
The request returns response with http 200 and json {}.
The refresh_token itself goes bad and can no longer be used. It’s ok.

But in the list of installed applications, the application with the revoke token is still displayed.

Although the documentation says that the application will be marked as uninstalled.
By sending a refresh_token, all OAuth data is removed from our side, which means the app is marked uninstalled.

Why does the application not disappear from the list of installed applications?

@dani @mykhailo, please help me

Hi @a.skibardin

I just double-checked it, and the app should disappear once you revoke a refresh_token.

Did you call POST https://oauth.pipedrive.com/oauth/revoke with Basic Auth (client_id/client_secret) and request body (Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded) that has token and token_hint?

After a refresh token was revoked, could you refresh this page https://<organization>.pipedrive.com/settings/marketplace to check if the app was removed?

Also, the refresh token/client/client_secret should all be valid in order to uninstall the app.

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I have the same problem:
1 - my request identical to your example
2 - after I did request token was revoked but the app still showing in the installed app list

I should do some additional requests for deleting the app from the installed list? I don’t found anything about it in docs

@mykhailo please help me with it

Hello @nazarii.ferbei.axd

Is it still shown in installed apps after page refresh?

@mykhailo Yep, I did a few tries for all flow and refresh pages few times too. But at the same time token revoking is correct, I got response code 200 and my token was invalidated after request

Could you DM me your client_id (public ID) and your Pipedrive’s company domain (or ID if you know it)?

I would prefer to send it you in private message, check your inbox plz

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