I want to send email to the specific deal using deal id

Dear Sir

I have integrated the your api. my aim is below
first i am creating deal after deal created i want to send email using api call which must be visible under particular deal. i mean is there any way that i can specify deal id to show the email under specific deal only. i am just already tried to send mail on the pipedrive account email but it seems not visible under the specific deal. please help or suggest any solutions. Thanks

any update sir ? please reply asap so we can implement it. thanks

Hi @amit_nindroda,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to send emails via our API.

After creating a deal, if you would like the email to be attached to the specific deal, you can try using the Smart BCC feature.

Alternatively, you can also try using workflow automation to send a personalized email whenever a deal is created.

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ok thank you for your response. can you please give me proper example for smart BCC api. that how can i mention the deal id and send mail so it is visible under particular deal.

Hi @amit_nindroda,

Please click here to find the steps on how to use deal-specific Smart BCC. It shows you where to find the specific BCC address for the deal.

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ok sir but i have tried to send mail on deal specific email using bcc but can receiving mail. can you please help how i can do it. in the main address i use universal address and bcc i passed deal specific email but not received email on pipedrive. can you please help. thanks

Hi @amit_nindroda,

We don’t have an API for Smart BCC, only endpoints to check on selected aspects of the Mailbox.

In this case, I would suggest for you to contact our Support team. They know more about how Smart BCC works and would be able to help you troubleshoot your problem.