Identify webhook event by source of edit

Is there a way to know the source of the modification of an object in Pipedrive when the webhook comes in?

Just that, we update a Pipedrive account from the API and that triggers our webhook to send us the update of what we already processed, causing extra handling of the same data.

Is there a way to filter webhooks based on if it came from the API? Is there any easy way around this?

Hi @clintonskakun! I’m afraid this is not possible in the way you describe. All actions in Pipedrive go through API so it’s not possible to filter webhooks in the way you describe. If you could explain to us in more detail how your integration and webhooks are set up maybe we can suggest some workaround.


Hi @diego.mendez,
i have the same issue, there is any way to understand if update come from pipedrive platform or from api call?

Afraid not @ivan, but I will add it as a feature request for our Webhooks team to investigate is this is possible, maybe they can add the user_agent of the transaction in the future.

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A “user_agent” key would be great if implemented. I guess, the name of the integration, or if it’s sourced from Pipedrive.

For now, we can avoid updating our db after the api call by assuming that the webhook will notify us shortly after and do the work it needs to.


Anything ever happen with this?

Yes couple of months ago pipedrive release some update for the webhooks.
They added the field change_source
Only the following 2 values are possible for this field:

  • app - the webhook is triggered from the Pipedrive web app
  • api - the webhook is triggered through the API
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