Identifying deals converted from lead


I’m having a hard time trying to build a MQL/SQL report in Power BI. Whenever a lead is converted to a deal it gets deleted from the inbox, right? Is there any way to get the information of a deal originated from a lead from any endpoint available?


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Thanks for being patient. AFAIK, there isn’t a specific field that contains this mapping. However, let me check again with the concerned team and get back on this

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Hem, I’ve found a workaround on this issue. I’ve created a custom field and built an automation that saves the lead creation date in this field, when this lead is converted into a deal the field retains this information.

Due to the amount of leads created so far being not that great, I’ve manually registered some of them while the new ones are just fine.

But it would be really nice to have some of these kind of fields at our disposal.

Hey @lcunha
That’s a nice workaround. I was thinking on the same lines - basically using custom fields (to store the ID of the lead) as a pointer. Good to know that the initial volume was less. This definitely makes it easier. Regardless, this feedback has been noted by the concerned team & they have plans for it :slight_smile:

Is there any improvement on this?
Is it still in plans?
We are also looking for some way to find relation between leads and deals.

Hi @Bharat_Bhadresha
Unfortunately, it’s not yet live. However, this request has been logged on our end. Stay tuned to our changelog for related updates