Illogical 'merge' webhook behaviour

When I merge two persons, two webhooks are being sent:

  1. deleted.person noticing that “secondary” person was deleted and
  2. merged.person having new data for “primary” person in “current” array, including “merge_what_id” indicating the person that has been deleted.

I have a problem with the order of those two webhooks, because my parseur deletes a person from my database when the first deleted.person event arives, and later when merged.person event arrives does not have information which person should be replaced with the new (merged) one, because it has already been deleted from my DB.

I could easily solve this problem if only the order of those two webhooks could be changed. Do you think this can be done?

Hi @petar,

I talked to my team and unfortunately, due to the service we use to send Webhooks, there’s no way to guarantee the order that messages are sent (even if set the order a certain way on our end).

Sorry about the trouble.