Importing conditions into a workflow automation

Looking for a way to automatically add-in conditions to a workflow. So something like:

1st action - add condition in Pipedrive workflow
2nd action - input zipcode from google sheet
3rd action - Add or statement in pipedrive workflow

And repeat.

The reason why is I need to add quite a few conditions in a workflow and it currently is only supporting this process manually.

Hey Growth Lobster!

Sorry for taking awhile to get to this.
Are you just referring to the Workflow Automation? If so, the possibilities are documented here:

Let me know if there’s more details that you can give me.

Hey David,

Not what I was looking for. I would like to build an app for you guys that allows for a company to take a CSV or excel doc full off workflow conditions and essentially be able to import those conditions or have those conditions automatically added to the workflow.

I recently did a project where I had 400 conditions (this is a bit extreme but it happens) and had to manually add them one at a time. My hope is to help your users avoid this kind of labor.

Let me know what you think, thank you.