Include custom fields when fetching list of organizations

Is there a way to include a custom field of organizations when fetching a list of organizations through!/Organizations/get_organizations?

I’d like to use something similar to the include_fields option of the itemSearch!/ItemSearch/get_itemSearch. However I cannot use the itemSearch in my case because it requires a search term with a minimum of 2 characters whereas I need to do get an unfiltered list of all organizations.

Fetching this custom field individually for each organization using!/Organizations/get_organizations_id is no option because it is too slow and expensive.

Am I right in that this feature (include custom fields when fetching a list of items) is still missing?
Does anybody have a suggestion how to work around this limitation?

For my usecase it would be sufficient to either

Could this be added to the roadmap - or is it part of it already?


Hi Friend!

Get all organizations method (!/Organizations/get_organizations) already includes a custom field in a response if you added it to organization’s data fields.

A custom field is represented as “hash” string in the response, meaning if you’ve created a custom field for an organization with name like “My awesome field”, it gets the unique key (something like this d657d8d3ebbd4ac21422966c3b2644579d5c9b7f).

In order to find this key for a custom field, go to “Settings -> Company -> Data fields”, hover over field you’re looking for and click “Copy API key”, so you would be able to find it in response.

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 16.08.17

You can also run this endpoint!/OrganizationFields/get_organizationFields to get this information.

Please let me know if it helped.


OMG. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: You’re so right. I’ve been working with custom fields a lot already but did not notice they were already contained in the response due to a key mapping issue.

It works now. Thanks. :relaxed: