Including HTML Code Snippets as Text when adding Note to Deal via API


I am building an application that processes Query forms automatically and creates deals with questions attached as Notes.

Although I am able to create the deals and attach notes successfully, I have noticed rare cases when not all of the question is included in the posted note.

The content was observed to include HTML Code Snippets.

I have tried encoding the HTML text, or wrapping the text using <xmp>, <pre><code> tags, etc but to no avail.

Is it possible to have HTML code snippets included in the Note content? I am afraid that this is happening due to the sanitization that is carried out on the text on the back-end.


I try to add Note with Content: “Text Before <!DOCTYPE html><html><body><p>This is a paragraph.</p></body></html> Text After”

But I only see: “Text Before This is a paragraph.Text After”

Thanks and regards,

From what I have seen in my own tests (I used the website to add some test content) the following tags are supported: <div> (for paragraphs), <B>, <I>, <A>, <UL>, <OL> and <LI>.

I did try adding target="_blank" to an anchor via the API but it was cleaned out. I think Pipedrive only allows a very small subset of tags so the interface doesn’t get messed up.