Increment number field without knowing its current value

Hi Pipedrive,
We are using a custom field to track the number of members in an organization.
Our organization has multiple member types(ex. free, platinum, gold)
and each type has a custom field (number type) ex.
freeMembers: 0
and we are looking for ways to increment or decrement these values without having to first get their current value…

Is there an api or automation workflow to increment a numerical custom field without having to know its current value?


Hey Thomas,

Do you have an example of a Field you’re trying to update? You shouldn’t need to know the current values of a Field to be able to update it, you only need to know the Value IDs for any Fields with preset values.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding you?

Hi David,

Example scenario
OrgA currently has freeMembers: 10

Then an app/external api updates the freeMembers count with an increment or decrement
depending on how many members are updated to “FREE” membership

so we want to skip an extra api call to get the current value and just call an updateNumber api that does the calculation for us since it is a number type field
is there something like this that we can use?

I see now what you mean.

Unfortunately, as of now, we don’t have any option for this as it would essentially require some sort of formula in the field to understand incremental increase. Otherwise, any automation would still need to gather information about the existing number to know what to update to.

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Thanks for your support on this David.

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