Insert email via API


I understand that Pipedrive supports two ways to log an email thread into the Pipedrive Email tab: Smart BCC and 2-Way Sync. But is there a way to achieve the same result using an API endpoint?

Use case: our product is a sales acceleration and email campaign software.

  • Smart BCC: sending every email via BCC contributes to the daily limits imposed by the email provider (for example, in Gmail/GSuite, limit is 200 emails per day via SMTP, 2k via non-SMTP), which is significant especially when sending bulk email campaigns.

  • 2-Way Sync: this feature is not enabled for all of our of our users (they need to upgrade their Pipedrive plan or they simply do not want to enabled it).


For a short answer: No, there’s no way to achieve this at this time

BUT, it is something in the roadmap as we certainly understand the importance of updating these particular endpoints. It won’t be happening in the immediate future, but it is a point of stress for next year to update these in a more timely manner.

Any news on this? We’d like to integrate our issue tracking / customer service system to Pipedrive.