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I developed a private app on my account and wanted to install it on another client. However, when I copied the installation link and installed it on the client, it was through the user that I now want to delete and every time I delete it the app stops working. How can I resolve this issue?

Anyone who can understand how to solve it?


Hello @Renato_Miguel!

Is your private app in Draft status? You need to move your app to Live status to be able to install it outside your own company.
Please let us know if that’s not the issue.

Hello Edmilson!

Thanks for the answer.
the APP is already installed on the client, however, it was installed by a user who we now want to deactivate. Does it have to do with the token we use?

Thanks for trying to help!

When a user is deactivated, each token from that user is revoked, so it’s no longer possible to use the apps with them. For instance, let’s say user A installed your app X, then you deactivate A, X can no longer use A tokens to access the API, since the access was revoked.

So what you are saying is to install the application again with the token of one of the active users, right?

If you install the app with an active user, the generated token will work as long as that user is not deactivated, so installing the app again with an active user should do the trick. :slight_smile:

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I’ll try and give feedback!

Thanks for yout help Edmilson!

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