Integrate an API (bis)


I had created a topic on this case but I reacted too late and my topics has been closed.
So here is the previous question and the context :

I’m new in the API’s world.
I would like to use the API of SunSMS in Pipedrive.
I understood that I have to create an API in Pipedrive, using a preformed API.
Can someone help me to understand correctly the process ?

I will explain the context :

When some workflow automations are triggered (deal update), it send an email. The issue is that the email can be not seen or be sent to the spam recipe.

What we want is, when the automation has been triggered, an SMS is been sent too.

I thought of using webhooks, but I don’t know if I can have precise informations like the exact automation which is running.

Or a list based on activities created by the automation

And, first of all, how I can create the app using the SunSMS API…


Thanks for outlining the scenario @jblaroue. If I understood rightly, the plan is to send an SMS along with an email for every deal update (as a way to ensure that the user knows about it even if the mail lands in spam). Let me know if I got it right.

If that is the case, then you can use webhooks to achieve that. Here is a very high-level flow for the same

For this scenario, you don’t have to build a complete OAuth app upfront, you can start prototyping with a simple node.js app that exposes an endpoint using a framework such as express.js. A lot of it depends upon SunSMS API. However, I assume that they have something similar to Pipedrive REST APIs that allows you to pass the parameters (For instance, via a HTTP POST call)

Hello Hem,

Thanks for the answer.
For the trigger, if it’s when a deal update, it will be too many requests I think.
Can we set triggers when an automation is done ? Or when an particuliar activity is done ?

Else, the scenario is what I’m searching for


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Hey @jblaroue

I agree that there would be too many invocations if the webhook change payload is not analyzed for the specific change. At the moment, it is possibly the only feasible approach. Automations does not have the capability to invoke webhooks or to kickstart a custom flow

Hi Hem

Will that kind of feature be present soon (automations which invokes webhooks ?)


Hey @jblaroue
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