Integrate an API

I’m new in the API’s world.
I would like to use the API of SunSMS in Pipedrive.
I understood that I have to create an API in Pipedrive, using a preformed API.
Can someone help me to understand correctly the process ?


Hey @jblaroue
Welcome to the community :wave:
If SunSMS has REST APIs, you can invoke them from your Pipedrive App. Glad to know that you stumbled on the hello world app. In fact, you can remix the same app to start calling SunSMS APIs from that.

However, this depends on the business logic too. If you are invoking SunSMS in reaction to some event, I would recommend checking out the webhooks feature. Let me know what’s the use-case like and if there are specific technical challenges that you are facing along the way :slight_smile:

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