Integrate API: Newsletter for users

I have a question about API integration into our app. We have an aim to subscribe users through form to our newsletter. Is this scenario possible ? Like: User fills the form with mail and sends it to our middleware, on middleware it calls API from pipedrive that will save this email for our marketing team in CRM, where they can send this newsletters to users.

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Hi @Daniil_Galickiy aaand welcome to the Dev Community :wave:

I will assume that you want to use the Campaigns by Pipedrive add-on to actually send emails to your users.

To collect email address from your users you can use WebForms from the Leadbooster add-on where you can just enable collecting also the marketing status (aka consent) and it will automatically populate your Contacts in Pipedrive.

If you want to use your own Form then I’d suggest to use the POST /v1/persons Endpoint and send the marketing_status value within the data set.

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Can you please tell me if this marketing status is available only for some plan api, because when i create person with or no marketing status i get as response person which does not have this status at all

You need to have the Campaigns add-on subscribed otherwise this field is not available. I’ll ask the API team to add this information to the field.

If you don’t plan to use the Campaigns add-on for sending your newsletter then the marketing_status has no use for your integration as it is tightly coupled to this add-on and your integration use case will depend on how you plan to send the newsletter.