Integrate Pipedrive in our website


  1. A customer looks up construction project data on our website.
  2. The customer decides a project would be a good lead for them
  3. The customer pushes a button “Add to CRM”
  4. Our system has the login credentials for that customer and creates a lead in their pipeline. The project data (Name, Address, Builder info, Start Date) is transferred directly into lead information on Pipedrive
    We have many customers and each will have to have their own Pipedrive account.

Has anyone done this or is it possible using the Pipedrive API?

I’ve built an integration to QuoteWerks which is different, but there would be since similarities.

You would need to be able to add and save the users Pipedrive API key with the user details, then use this with the API calls. This would ensure that the correct user connects to Pipedrive from your application.