Integrating Mondaq API with Pipedrive CRM

We wish to explore the possibility of integrating an API with our Pipedrive CRM system and to discuss the feasibility, pricing and potential timeframes for such an integration.

The Mondaq API facilitates the integration of Mondaq’s data— the contact details of readers engaging with our articles on the Mondaq platform—into our Pipedrive database.

I have these documents from Mondaq that offer insights into how their API functions and the type of data it retrieves. Reviewing these documents should provide anyone with a comprehensive understanding of Mondaq’s feed mechanism.

• The API Setup Text explains how to set the API feed up and call the data, it is a fairly standard HTTPS REST API which returns JSON files.
• The .ZIP file contains a JSON file which has come directly from the API so is in the exact format that you would receive data from the API were you to call it
• The Excel file outlines how the data within the JSON file is structured and when it comes to integrating could be quite useful as a guide.

Let me know if you think this is a possible integration or if you are able to help, thanks!

Hi @thereseannes
I am the founder and developer of pretzels, a company that focuses on api and middleware development. We can connect pipedrive with Mondaq. You can see our pricing here:
We offer automations like this as a subscription service.
We can hop on a call and discuss the project in more detail if you like.
I am located in CET timezone (Germany).


Make provides tools to build custom workflow automations like this and has prebuilt connectors for over 1800 SaaS solutions (including Pipedrive).

There isn’t yet a prebuilt connector for Mondaq, but it’s easy to use the HTTP app in Make to connect with any REST API.

If you’re familiar working with APIs you could build this yourself (free training resources are available) or you could hire a Make service partner with Pipedrive expertise to build it for you.

I have reviewed the requirements and would love to help you out with the same. Please connect for a detailed discussion.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

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Certainly! Here’s a polished version of your text:


I represent, a European web development company established in 2009. We are experienced Pipedrive integrators with numerous proven integrations developed in the past.

We specialize in API integration between Pipedrive and other CRMs or various applications. We believe an integration between Pipedrive and Mondaq is definitely possible, and we would be happy to assist you with this.

Please do not hesitate to contact me here or at paolo.schiattarella @

Best regards,


I have gone through your requirements and would love to assist you with the same. Let’s connect for a detailed discussion.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon