Integrating Simple Web Form Laravel

I am trying to make a simple webform using laravel and trying to decode the api docs. If i have to create a form, i will need to create 3 api requests.

  1. Create Organization
  2. Create Person under that Organization
  3. Create Deal under that Person.

I was wondering that laravel wrapper by Devio should be able to cover this, or do i need guzzle or Zttp to create three requests everytime.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @manshu,
you can use the wrapper. It’s very simple:

// instantiate $pipedrive like shown in the documentation

$organization = $pipedrive->organizations->add(['name' => 'New Organization']);
$person = $pipedrive->persons->add(['name' => 'John Doe', 'org_id' => $organization->getData()->id]);
$deal = $pipedrive->deals->add(['title' => 'Amazing Deal', 'person_id' => $person->getData()->id]); 

To instantiate and authorize, you can look at the documentation:


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Finally created a video. If anyone is looking to do this.

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