Integration - iframe


our call center is using contactmax and we would like to have the data/records directly imported into our pipedrive account.
they have asked us the following questions

Does pipedrive allows records to be fetched within an iframe using a unique url?

  1. Investigate whether pipedrive allows records to be fetched within an iFrame using a unique URL
  2. If it is possible, we need to import all raw data into pipedrive
  3. This raw data needs to be exported with either a full URL for the CRM record or a unique reference number we can append to a URL to fetch the record
  4. We import this into Dialler system and use our script to put the CRM within an iFrame

let me know

Unfortunately, we do not support iframes yet. You can however find this wiki useful regarding import and export
Feel free to create a new topic if you still face challenges.