Integration is not connected

Hello, when we try to integrate the Wazzup, it always shows the error. The issue can be reproduced on any pipedrive account, but I tested it last time on
Could you please take a look what this error might be. We dont see any error from our side during the process

Hi Igor,

can you please share also the time of the last occurrence for this account (asd21)?

at 13th of Oct, around 15:05 CET

Thank you. Just a quick information for you - I don’t see any error on Pipedrive side. In general the warning you see should mean that the installation was not yet completed on the vendor side (Wazzup).

I’ll get back to you with hopefully more details after I consult it internally.

Best regards,

this may be the case but we dont see any error from our side and Pipdrive doesnt give us any info what went wrong. So we have 0 idea what this pop-up means and how it may be solved

Hey @Onimidori, when you are installing the app, there are two states - one when the app is installed but not connected and the second one when the app is installed and connected.

This looks like you are stuck in the state when your app has been installed, but not connected. I checked the logs and I was not able to find some crucial requests, for starter POST to api/v1/channels.

Please follow these docs - messaging app extensions and marketplace ouath.

There is a part when a user is redirected to your app and you should call POST to api/v1/channels to create a channel, which will fetch conversations (using manifest endpoint) through your app.

So there is no error, just the process was not completed and we do not have any data (channels, conversations etc.).

Does it make sense?

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Thank you very much, indeed we did not send it automatically as soon as integration is installed

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