Integration of custom Web Form

Hi there,

I’ve got a feedback from your support team that there is no way to collect (parse) and transfer the next custom fields of the Web Forms created trough the Pipedrive:

  • Entry point
  • referer
  • site domain
  • UTM
  • location

Thus, we want to create own Web Form (not through the Pipedrive) and have the next question:

Is it possible to use API keys of fields we have in Pipedrive in order to automate the process of creation a new deals in Pipedrive when the customer is submitting our own custom form?



hi Kristina. Looks like web forms are a hot topic here in the community lately :grin:

I’m not 100% sure I understand what you need. If you’re asking if you can create deals with the data coming from a custom web form, then absolutely. You just need to implement the data collection on your side and then send it using our API.

If you can explain your situation a bit more I can maybe give a more precise answer.

Hi Kristina,

Probably Data2CRM can help you. Its techs can import Custom fields to Pipedrive easily but I’m not sure what about Web Forms.

Get in touch with the experts and get known if it is possible in your case.

Hope we will help you

Hi Dani, thanks for your response. Yes, in general, we would like to create a web form by ourselfs, but need to automate the process of deals creation in Pipedrive using our standard fields we now have in PD.
I think we could use the PD API key of each required field for the deals creation, could we?

Thanks for the suggestion!


You can find a tutorial on how to update custom fields here: