Integration of the our own dialer app with Pipedrive CRM

Hi team,

Our requirement is to integrate a third party widget/connector into your CRM.

How can I integrate a third party widget/connector to your CRM?

Integrating a third party widget into Pipedrive CRM and for communication i need to achieve these below 3 use cases:

  1. Whenever a call comes in the widget, as soon as the call connects we need to pop up the customer details in the Pipedrive CRM:

  2. Click to call from the CRM. If we click on the phone number in the CRM, it needs to be dialed from the widget:

  3. After the call is completed when the disposition is submitted in the widget the disposition needs to be passed to the CRM. please let me know all the use cases or possible or not

For this requirement I followed this link: Building Custom Floating Window Apps for Caller integrations

Even after clicking the install & test, the floating window is not showing at the right side, Please check the screenshot below

What do I need to do to show a floating window on the right side, Can you tell ?