Integration with Pipedrive

We’re a software developing company and are looking to integrate our device buyback system with Pipedrive and would like to understand the steps we need to follow in order to achieve this so that we can offer this out to potential/existing clients.

We have already carried out one Pipedrive integration, however, we’re now looking to make the integration more generic so that it can become part of our sales demo as well as making integrating with new clients is easy.

My expectation is that we’ll need our own account (of some sort), so we can regular test and demonstrate the integration to potential clients. They may be other requirements, sign offs, checks, etc that I need to be aware of.

If I could be pointed in the right direction to start this process, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks and regards

Hi Alaric,

The first thing I would recommend doing is going through the App Creation Steps listed in our Documentation.

Then, if you have any questions from this, feel free to reach out and ask away.