Integrations private APP

actually I’m trying to integrate my private in Pipe Drive with the custom panel.
At this moment I’ve already create the app and parameters it. But that doesn’t work, I select the good view “people”, but this isn’t appears in the people view.
So, please someone can help me ?

Hi @WebMaster , welcome to the community!

The panel will nor appear in the list of persons, but if the intent is to see it in the person details, let’s check some things:

  1. The URL needs to be working
  2. You selected Person details as the panel location, example:
  3. To see the panel, the app needs to be installed.

Thank you,
the URL is functional, I ngrok my applications locally in order to have an https URL visible from the web
The location panel is well selected on the persons
I think my blocker is on the installation of this app, however it is in private and therefore not visible from the marketPlace

In the app’s OAuth & access scopes section, you can scroll all the way down to find a button to install the app, along with a button to get a shareable link:

yes I have had it installed and tested several times, it takes me back to a page where I accept and install the app but it takes me back to my private app but the window in the persons still has not appeared. Same for the shareable links

When you say persons you mean the list of persons or a specific person details page?

a details page about a specific person

Does your app appear in the list of installed apps?

no applications appear in my list

I see, that means the app did not finish the installation. I recommend to debug the authorization step.
This page is a long read, but has all the details about it:

Is it obligatory to use oauth? I simply want to have an Iframe integration in the details of a persons on pipeDrive

Yes, the system needs to understand that the user has access to the panel, so the oauth flow is needed.

heyy !
I managed to integrate the oAuth I have the cookies and as well as I get my access token, the iframe appears however there is an error in it because it does not display anything

In the Custom Panel doc, at the bottom section, there are some hints of what to check in case the panel contents do not appear. I recommend taking a look there before anything:

for the iFrame part I finally got to the root of the problem, I set up an http server that I hosted with nrgok in which the sdk is initialized automatically by reading the code in the URL. Then I gave the URL in https to the extensions. However my Ngrok server does not retrieve any requests from pipeDrive which seems abnormal to me given that it is supposed to send me the clientID and other fields

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