Intermittent issue creating Note "Cannot add/update note because person does not exist"

I have a program that adds notes to a Pipedrive account by first getting contact info and deal info and then posting the notes with whatever Ids I get. Occassionally I get this error:

“Cannot add/update note because person does not exist or you have no permissions to access this person.” but when looking at the logs the call to /person/{id} returned 200, so it definitely exists and I definitely have permissions. I use the same call body in Postman with the same credentials and it works fine. It seems to be an intermittent issue:

The POST body is something along the lines of:
“content”: “From: Example
Test note.”,
“person_id”: 7672,
“deal_id”: null,
“user_id”: null,
“org_id”: null,
“add_time”: null

Hmm, can you try passing person_id as string “7672” instead? Or otherwise I suppose checking on why the program you’re using is showing that error if it’s getting 200 response.

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