Introducing new Subscriptions API endpoints

Effective from August 6, 2020

We have now added the brand new Subscriptions resource to our API which represents the Recurring Revenue feature inside Pipedrive.

Subscriptions represent the revenue that is occurring over time with payments either in set or varying amounts. Subscriptions have two types - installment and recurring.

We have made available 9 new endpoints for fetching, creating, updating, and deleting different Subscriptions.

Find more detailed information about the new endpoints and OAuth scopes they are available in here!

Hi, Is there possibly a workaround to create recurring subscription without any additional payments? Right now the additional payments is a required field in the API. This is quite essential as we are trying to automate transferring the won products as either recurring subscriptions, Only if some other kind of products are being won, they will be added as additional payments, possibly with the Installment payment function.

Hi Juho!
This actually seems to be a typo on our API Reference. payments isn’t a required parameter and we’ll get it fixed asap. For now, you can just ignore this field when you’re making requests.

Hi @Juho_Koski we have now fixed the behavior in our API Reference page